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Tractor Mounted Drilling Rigs

Tractor Mounted Drilling Rigs

With our years of experience and expertise, we are making available premium range of Tractor Drilling Rig in the market. In order to attain complete client credibility, we let the clients' to choose either online mode or offline mode for making payment. And, we guarantee for authenticity and confidentiality.The very fast hydraulic depth drilling rig on tractor.


Details :

  • Capacity - Depth up to 100 meter
  • Method - Direct drilling via rotation
  • Working on tractor pto saft
  • Tractor trawlly drilling for all types borewell of soil and sand.
  • Capacity on Soil - 75mm(3 inche) to 600mm(24 inche) dia bore hole up to 100-150 Meter (300-450 foot)
  • Work on - Soil and Sands
  • Machine for Use - Auger Drilling, Pile Foundation, Pile Drilling, Water Well Drilling, Blast hole Drilling
  • Work method - Rotation with direct & totle hydraulic system circulation, nucleus destruction with bleeding by water.
  • Capacity on rock - 110mm(4 inche) to 200mm(8inche) dia bore hole up to 10 to 450 feet
  • Work on - Soil and rock
  • Machine for Use - pilling bore,water well bore, blast hole bore, soil testing nd sampling bore
  • Drilling capacity: up to 150 meter
  • Drilling road: 10 feet
  • Mast: 15 feet

  • Tractor Mounted Drilling Rig 13

  • Tractor Mounted Drilling Rig 14

  • Tractor Mounted Drilling Rig 15

  • Tractor Mounted Drilling Rig 16

  • Tractor Mounted Drilling Rig 17

  • Tractor Mounted Drilling Rig 18

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